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Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness.

The founding of America was rooted in a few, core principles. Chief among these, were due process and equal protection under the law.

As Thomas Paine brilliantly wrote in Common Sense in 1776, “in America the law is king. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king.”

Now, at this moment in American history, the law is not king. The government routinely fails in its solemn and sacred duty to ensure the inalienable rights of every American — regardless of race, religion or — as it would be in America today — political persuasion.

Today, Letitia James, the Soros-funded radical left New York Attorney General, is weaponizing the criminal justice system as an instrument of political attack on former President Donald Trump.

Since the 2016 election, the rule of law in America has been shredded by radical liberals who have systematically and illegally targeted innocent people in pursuit of political aims.

In the last decade, liberal billionaire George Soros has poured tens of millions into unilaterally usurping the power of the people, installing corrupt and vindictive prosecutors across the country.

As the last four years have proven, in the eyes of these hateful and crooked prosecutors, there is no target beyond their wicked reach:

Before Mr. Trump was even inaugurated, an evil effort to frame U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was underway.

A distinguished judge and an honorable man, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, was viciously targeted after Mr. Trump named him as his pick for the Supreme Court.

As an America First governor in Missouri, I was attacked by Kim Gardner, a Soros-funded prosecutor that committed countless crimes in her corrupt crusade to take me down.

Though perhaps most disgustingly, Mr. Trump — a president supported by at least 75 million Americans, if not more — has been the victim of never-ending partisan plots.

In 2022, the American people are under no illusions: These political prosecutors will lie, fabricate the evidence and testimony they need and destroy exculpatory evidence. They will use the threat of prosecution to induce false testimony from innocent Americans. They will use the soulless and stupid mainstream media to destroy the lives of honorable people.

By the grace of God, the truth always comes to light.

The hysterical Trump-Russia collusion hoax perpetrated against Mr. Trump for three years — with the support of cowardly Republicans — was proven to be a fictional story made up by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

A corrupt ex-FBI agent has been charged with seven felony charges of evidence tampering and perjury for creating a false case against me. The prosecutor now faces a hearing to lose her law license after an investigation found that she committed 62 acts of misconduct that resulted in 79 false representations.

The Trump-obsessed Letitia James openly campaigned on a promise to falsely prosecute the Trump organization. Ms. James pretends to be an unbiased arbiter of justice yet called Mr. Trump an “illegitimate president.”

Mr. Trump is right to sue Ms. James for her massive abuse of power and if any fairness remains in the American judicial system, he will win.

There is nothing more dangerous in America than a corrupt, politically motivated prosecutor.

Soros-funded prosecutors like Ms. James and Ms. Gardner should not only be disbarred; they should also be in prison.

• Eric Greitens served as the 56th governor of Missouri, a Navy SEAL, and is a current candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri.

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