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William Shatner and Where No Man Has Gone Before Illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Why William Shatner’s space voyage matters

In a world where we’re told to fear a virus that’s almost 100% survivable for healthy people under the retirement age and warning labels terrify us at every turn, we recently watched 90-year-old William Shatner launching into space.

In this March 20, 2020, file photos, a man smokes inside a tent on skid row in Los Angeles. The 9th U.S. Court of Appeals on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021, overturned a federal judge’s sweeping order that required the city and county of Los Angeles to quickly find shelter for all homeless people living on downtown’s Skid Row.  (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File) **FILE**

Time ticks by fast when battling homelessness

- The Washington Times

D.C. officials are facing several deadlines — all of their own making — and it doesn’t matter whether they’re wearing digital time pieces, showing off a Piaget or checking the clock on their government-issued laptop.

Illustration on European energy and winter by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Death awaits in Europe this winter

As Team Biden prepares to go to Glasgow at the end of October, it is worth noting that more than a few people in Europe will likely die this winter because of their governments’ fixation on climate change.

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In the dead of the night at 3 a.m., acting like New York City rats scurrying about under cover of darkness, the Biden regime continues to disperse overwhelming numbers of illegals throughout the United States at will. It continues also to fly illegal immigrants into private airports via chartered flights (at taxpayer expense), in clear violation of FAA regulations against such night-time airport operations.

That's not what Trump said

The article "Trump calls Powell a RINO, hopes for similar obituaries" (Politics, Oct. 20) givess the false impression that former President Trump would hope for more deaths (i.e., obituaries) of RINOs. The actual quote from Trump is noted, readers can see he was referring to his hope that he, Trump, would get similar treatment from the media after he dies. In other words, he hopes to be treated in death as beautifully as Collin Powell has been treated.

Global-warming goons stifle data

Climate change orthodoxy has become such a large industry that there are thousands of scientists and journalists whose livelihood depends on it. Their incomes and even their jobs are contingent upon supporting the globalist insistence that there is a climate crisis we can only address by following their prescriptions. It has become a self-fulfilling business model.

Disaster by design

It would be hard to imagine an administration more out of touch with reality than Joe Biden's. Biden and his people have created disasters out of everything they touch. They double down on catastrophic failure, expecting it to change for the better, and when it doesn't, it's because everyone else's expectations were too high. These people can never be wrong because others are the cause of every failure.