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Arnold’s advisers

Congress has passed a resolution honoring Sargent Shriver for his years of military and public service, especially as an ambassador for the poor and powerless of America.

It was back in 1961 that the Kennedy in-law organized the Peace Corps, and he didn’t stop there. Later, during President Johnson’s administration, he helped establish Head Start, VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America), Community Action, Job Corps, Legal Services, Foster Grandparents, Indian and Migrant Opportunities and Neighborhood Health Services.

Later, Mr. Johnson appointed Mr. Shriver ambassador to France.

In 1972, he was picked to be the Democratic vice presidential running mate of South Dakota Sen. George McGovern, although that’s not to say that Mr. Shriver doesn’t support a Republican every now and then.

In fact, you might say the chairman of the board emeritus of Special Olympics and wife Eunice Kennedy Shriver, President John F. Kennedy’s sister, are unpaid advisers to their Republican son-in-law, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the newly crowned governor of California.

“He [Mr. Schwarzenegger] has been committed to people all his life,” Mrs. Shriver offers as her excuse.

Still touring

As we all heard after President Bush’s surprise visit to Iraq, President Clinton never visited Haiti after he deployed U.S. troops there.

But his former Health and Human Services secretary, we learn, has recently helicoptered to Haiti’s central plateau.

University of Miami President Donna E. Shalala last week toured health clinics on the island, explaining that as HHS secretary she visited many countries, but never Haiti. She was accompanied by a U.N. delegation that is looking to establish medical partnerships with the needy nation, one of the poorest countries in the world, particularly to help combat AIDS.

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