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Mr. Mazzini said the drink is selling “better than expected,” but didn’t provide figures.

Silvia Dongo, a pharmaceutical chemist who helped develop Kdrink, said the beverage provides energy from 15 vitamins and minerals, 12 amino acids and 14 to 16 alkaloids found naturally in coca leaves.

“Drinking coca beverages is a way to seek a natural and healthy stimulation,” she said.

Meanwhile, Vortex is seeking a share of the “energy drink” market dominated by the likes of Austria’s Red Bull, a hyper-caffeinated carbonated beverage popular with young club goers who often mix it with hard liquor before hitting the dance floor.

Unlike Kdrink producers, Vortex’s makers decided to tackle the export problem by removing two blacklisted stimulants found in coca — cocaine and egonina — from their formula.