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He does not blog from his office and said he is careful not to divulge any sensitive personal or professional information in his blog.

“It’s been like an online diary. Obviously you filter. You’re not going to put everything out there,” Mr. Matthews said.

Phil Smith, a Bethesda space analyst, uses his blog to discuss his career, as well as his future political aspirations. Mr. Smith plans to seek office one day — he hasn’t decided which office or where — and is using the blog to spell out his platform.

One section lists his positions on everything from “abortion rights” to “veterans.”

Mr. Smith introduced his blog in March, after studying a “Web Sites for Dummies” book that was given to him as a gift. “I just couldn’t resist the temptation to share my thoughts,” he said.

The Fairfax resident said he did not get his boss’s permission before blogging, but he doubts his employer, Futron Corp., has any problem with it.

“I’m an American. I did the blog without really thinking about it,” he said.