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Mr. Rick is a computer programmer who does most of the work on the group’s Web site, and he is trying to launch his own Web-based business.

Mrs. Rick works as a researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, a D.C. think tank. She recently took over as Free State’s coordinator for the D.C.-Baltimore region.

Still, the couple has not invested all their hope in the group — or at least in its overnight success.

“I’m not optimistic about seeing significant changes at the state level for a long time, at least 20 years,” Mr. Rick said over homemade pizza at the couple’s high-rise apartment in Northwest. “But it’s OK. It’s a great hope to think about any change.”

Near the door, a homemade sign peeped out from behind a shelf, a remnant from tax day, April 15, when Mr. and Mrs. Rick had demonstrated in front of the local post office.

“Hate Taxes?” the sign read. “Move with us to New Hampshire.”

At the festival in New Hampshire, Mr. Rick looked around the campfire and said, “I see this as a long-term thing. I’m going to be living around and working with these people for the next 60, 80 years.”