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Fooling no one

“The one statistic confounding pundits in this election is the number of gays who voted for George W. Bush,” Rich Tafel writes at National Review Online (

“Polls show that the president received anywhere from 1.5 million to 2 million gay votes, up from 1 million votes in 2000 and double the number of gay votes for Bob Dole in 1996. This dramatic increase comes despite the fact that no gay organization endorsed him, no gay journalist editorialized on his behalf, and no gay leader supported him,” said Mr. Tafel, former executive director of Log Cabin Republicans and author of “Party Crasher: A Gay Republican Challenges Politics as Usual.”

“Gay voters, like most swing voters, knew both candidates were saying things to get elected. The Kerry campaign thought that by opposing gay marriage, praising anti-gay-marriage initiatives, not showing up to vote against the Federal Marriage Amendment, speaking against a judge’s pro-gay ruling in his home state, and making sure every American knew that the Republicans had a lesbian in their family, social conservative voters would be fooled.

“No one was. Social conservatives aren’t the yahoos the Kerry campaign took them for. Senator Kerry became a cartoon of what the Left thinks of the Right. His team believed that by gay-bashing, church-going, and geese-shooting, Kerry could make conservative voters believe he was one of them. It didn’t work.”

Paying the price

Two local elections officials in North Carolina resigned after investigations revealed mishandling of vote tallies in Gaston County, including more than 13,000 votes that weren’t discovered until after Election Day.

Sandra Page, elections director, and Tony Branch, chairman of the elections board, resigned Wednesday after a closed-door meeting of the board, the Associated Press reports.

The counsel for the state board, Don Wright, had questioned Miss Page for two days about the county’s numerous problems on Election Day, including a failure by poll workers to check the number of ballots cast against the number of people recorded as voting.

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