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Today, the House will debate a bill that would require abortion clinics to meet stricter regulations and licensing requirements.

Mr. Marshall said he wrote the bill to ensure the safety of clinic patrons.

“Back-alley clinics have moved to Main Street with the permission of the state government,” he said, adding that he is expecting an emotional debate on the House floor. “This bill establishes standards.”

Planned Parenthood’s Mr. Greenberg said the bill would do nothing to improve the safety of abortions, calling it a “sham.” The bill calls for regulations that will be difficult to meet and is “unfair, unnecessary and inappropriate,” he said.

“If enacted, [the bill] would do more to prevent women’s access to abortions than any legislation short of outlawing the procedures,” Mr. Greenberg said.

Other abortion-related bills include measures to ban abortions after the first trimester and require doctors who perform abortions after the first trimester to anesthetize the fetus.

Two House bills call for altering how public schools teach health and family life education. One calls for “medically and factually accurate and objective information” in course instructional materials. The other would require teachers to give information on the use of emergency contraception in response to sexual assault. Both bills have been referred to committees.