- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 24, 2004

Bill Clinton calls his sexual encounters with White House intern Monica Lewinsky “immoral and foolish” and said his “relationship” with Gennifer Flowers was one he “should not have had.” But in his autobiography flying out of bookstores, he doesn’t mention several other women whose names were linked in scandal with his.

Mr. Clinton denied conducting affairs with Miss Lewinsky and Miss Flowers when news of them first surfaced, but he writes in his 957-page autobiography, “My Life,” that now he is “deeply ashamed” of what he had done and lied about it because he was “trying to protect my family and myself from my selfish stupidity.”

The former president gives no details on his relationships with Miss Lewinsky — nothing about a blue dress or a cigar — or with Miss Flowers, other than to say that he wanted to “slug” reporter Steve Croft of the CBS-TV program “60 Minutes” when Mr. Croft pressed him about it in the “Stand by Her Man” Super Bowl interview.

He is less forthcoming about, or does not mention, other women who say they were either sexually involved with him, or that they had been sexually harassed or assaulted. These include:

c Dolly Kyle Browning, a real estate lawyer and Clinton high school classmate who said she had an off-and-on-again romance with Mr. Clinton for 30 years.

c Sally Perdue, a former Miss Arkansas who said she had a four-month affair with him in 1983.

c Connie Hamzy, a self-proclaimed rock-and-roll groupie, who said Mr. Clinton propositioned her in 1984 while she was sunbathing by a Little Rock hotel pool.

c Juanita Broaddrick, a gubernatorial campaign volunteer who said Mr. Clinton raped her during a nursing-home-operators convention in Little Rock in April 1978.

c Bobbie Ann Williams, a one-time Little Rock prostitute who said Mr. Clinton fathered a child by her when he was the governor of Arkansas.

c Eileen Wellstone, an English woman who said Mr. Clinton sexually assaulted her after she met him at a pub near Oxford University where Mr. Clinton was a student in 1969.

c Sandra Allen James, a former Washington, D.C., political fund-raiser who said Mr. Clinton invited her to his hotel room during a 1991 campaign trip, pinned her against the wall and put his hand under her dress.

c Christy Zercher, an airline flight attendant on Mr. Clinton’s 1992 campaign plane, who said Mr. Clinton exposed himself and grabbed her breasts.

c Lencola Sullivan, a former Miss Arkansas and fourth runner-up in the Miss America pageant.

c Elizabeth Ward, a former Miss Arkansas and Miss America.

c Susie Whitacre, press aide to Mr. Clinton when he was governor.

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