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Arrington says he intends not only to finish the year’s worth of course work he needs for a dual degree from Penn State in counseling and education, but he also wants to pursue a master’s and a doctorate.

He was less clear about his business ventures, but he was as emphatic as the bright red plates sitting on his dining room table that he can live without football.

“The Redskins will try and trade me, but if no one wants to take the trade, they’re going to have to cut me,” Arrington says. “If they string me into July, that’s not debilitating to me. If that means the end, that means the end. I can always look back at everything I’ve been through and say for the most part that I’ve handled things the right way. I haven’t embarrassed my name in any way. I’ve always been a cool guy.

“I’m happy in my skin. My parents instilled in us that you can’t take anything for granted. I’ve been preparing for my post-football career since I started playing. If I went no further than being Parade’s National High School Player of the Year, it was one heck of a ride.”

Arrington isn’t quite done with the game. He still hopes to experience — finally — the thrill of a journey into postseason.

“I’m still a part of this team, and we’re having a winning season,” he said. “If I get a Super Bowl ring, I could really feel good about leaving this game.”