Haiti stumbles despite support from U.S., U.N.

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At the same time, the United States has tried to undercut Father Jean-Juste’s support through the Office of Transition Initiatives in USAID that is known as “the Special Forces” of development aid.

‘Legitimacy’ prevented

One of OTI’s aims is to reduce participation in demonstrations supporting Father Jean-Juste. The OTI Web site said the office organized a summer camp for young people in the priest’s neighborhood, helping prevent a Lavalas “demonstration from being larger and giving greater legitimacy to the protesters.”

“The United States is speaking out of both sides of its mouth,” Mr. Voltaire said.

“On the one hand,” he said, “Condoleezza Rice is lamenting the imprisonment of Jean-Juste and Neptune, but then nothing happens. He remains in jail. With the world looking on, she capitulates in front of this weak government that the United States itself has installed.”

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