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Those are just a few of his ideas, sure to be unpopular with the amnesty crowd. The section on “anchor babies,” or children born to illegal aliens in the United States, is a belated Christmas present to those ready to play the race card. (He has a great chapter on that, too. The hypocrisy and demagoguery of the pro-illegal crowd knows no limits.)

“Whatever it Takes” is not a politically correct book. Mr. Hayworth doesn’t believe that the country has any more time to be coy about the problem. When illegal immigration goes unchecked, America’s security is compromised and people die.

PC is actually killing people. Right now, unprotected borders are costing America billions of dollars a year and the occasional Mexican standoff. But that’s nothing in comparison to what could happen with a couple of guys, a bomb and a mission from God.

Chris Jolma is a Washington writer.