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It is supposed to be the other way around.

Near the end of Game 5, after Drew Gooden’s basket put the Cavaliers up by two points with 27.8 seconds left, the Pistons looked utterly lost with Chauncey Billups on the bench with six fouls.

That was Tayshaun Prince dribbling in anxiety before trying a floater in the three-second lane. The shot was rejected into the hands of Lindsey Hunter, who missed a 15-footer from the left wing.

Eric Snow grabbed the ball and flung it the length of the court, which is only a smart play if the clock runs out. It didn’t, and so the Pistons had time for one last feeble attempt with 1.9 seconds left.

The ball was inbounded to Richard Hamilton on the left baseline. Instead of turning to shoot, Hamilton seemed to sense all this contact before losing the ball and throwing his arms into the air, as if to say, “Where are my two free throws?”

James possibly would have received the call, but not Hamilton.

The Pistons, these would-be championship contenders, could not complain after scoring only 84 points on their home floor.