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Friend of Padilla

A blogger at expressed outrage that Jose Padilla was convicted yesterday on terrorism charges.

“Jose Padilla Trial Adds Another Urgent Reason for Impeachment,” said the headline over Bob Fertik‘sblog.

President Bush‘sdesignation of Padilla as an illegal enemy combatant, not entitled to the protection of United States law,“was an entirely dictatorial act,” Mr. Fertik said.

He added: “It took 3½ years for his lawyers to get him transferred to a Miami jail to face actual criminal charges. By then he had basically lost his mind.

“The trial was a travesty, as meticulously blogged by Lewis Z. Koch. Yet Bush’s Justice Department won a conviction anyway.

“If this could happen to Jose Padilla, it could happen to any United States citizen. Any one of us could be designated an ‘enemy combatant’ without any court review and locked away in isolation until we went insane. …

“It’s time for every American to demand Bush’s impeachment — before we all become Jose Padilla.”

Democrat roulette

The folks at have come up with an Internet game called “Show of Hands” where online visitors can ask questions about the top six Democratic 2008 presidential candidates — Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton,New York;Barack Obama,Illinois; Joseph R. Biden Jr., Delaware; and Christopher J. Dodd,Connecticut;former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards andNew Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

Here’s an easy question from the game: “Who would, without precondition, meet with leaders of terrorist nations in their first year in office?” And if your answer is Mr. Obama, you get one point.

We won’t tell you the answer to this one: “Who had more earmarks in the 2008 defense authorization bill than all the other 2008 Democrat hopefuls?”

Players should be aware that there are several questions that have multiple correct answers, such as: “Who voted to deny employees a secret ballot and allow labor unions to organize without a vote?” and “Who has received a grade of ‘F’ from the National Taxpayers Union?”

Stressed out

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III noted in 2004 that then-Attorney General John Ashcroft was “clearly stressed” after being visited in intensive care by then-White House Counsel Alberto R. Gonzales, reporter Jon Ward writes in Fishwrap at

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