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Keep hope alive

I salute Rep. Dan Burton on his column “Negotiating for peace in Kosovo” (Commentary, Monday). He is a true American patriot and a shining star among American politicians.

Eight years ago, on March 23, 1999, U.S.-led NATO forces bombed Serbia for no valid reason and against international law. Thousands of Serbs have perished in the aggressive war perpetrated on Serbia in the name of “America’s values” and on behalf of the Kosovo Albanian minority that sought independence. Since NATO troops entered Kosovo in 1999, more than 230,000 Serbs and other non-Albanians have been driven out of Kosovo and Metohia by Albanians despite the presence of the international military and police force in the region.

Bombing Serbia, a sovereign nation, for ill-defined reasons with vague objectives undermined America’s stature in the world. Respect and trust for America diminishes each time an American administration decides to intervene in some foreign country. It’ll take time for America to restore its standing in the world. However, as long as there are honest American politicians such as Mr. Burton, there is hope.



True or false?

I read with great amusement your article concerning the current and upcoming pilot “shortage” (“Airlines brace for shortage of pilots,” Page 1, Monday). I recently was forced to retire from flying for a major U.S. carrier because of the “age 60” regulations.

In the weeks before retirement and in the months afterward, I actively sought further employment in a job I love: flying. In each rejection (there were many) I was told that there were no positions available.

Where’s the shortage?


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