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Battle died at a medical center for kidney dialysis in South Carolina, his attorney, Jack R. Blumenfeld said Sunday.

Mr. Blumenfeld said an autopsy was not conducted and he was not sure of the exact cause of death, but noted that Battle had long struggled with his health.

“He had a myriad of problems,” he said.

Battle pleaded guilty during his federal racketeering trial in 2006 because of his health problems. He had been released on a $1 million bond and was awaiting a spot in a Federal Bureau of Prisons facility that could handle his medical needs, Mr. Blumenfeld said.

Authorities think Battle served as the boss of “The Corporation,” a crime ring said to be operated in New York, Florida and Latin America.

Battle and five others were accused of being behind five slayings, four arsons resulting in eight deaths, and more than $1.5 billion collected from drug trafficking, bookmaking and numbers rackets.

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