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I sing of his elegance with words that groan

and I remember a sad breeze through the olive trees.

David Chambers


Still a bad immigration bill

The article, “Senate illegals bill near complete” (Page 1, Thursday) states that Sen. Edward M. Kennedy is heading the effort to create an immigration bill that is likely to reach the floor in April. It is expected that the bill will be a reworking of the McCain-Kennedy immigration legislation introduced last year.

Mr. Kennedy authored the family unification legislation that lead to the huge influx of immigrants that flooded into the country since 1965. One should also remember the 1986 immigration legislation that rewarded over 3 million illegal aliens with amnesty.

Since Congress has a majority of Democrats as a results of elections held last year, it is expected that they will introduce legislation that will likely include another amnesty proposal in support of the president’s version of a proposed amnesty for up to 20 million illegal aliens in the country.

It is expected that thousands of people opposed to any legislation that would grant amnesty will flock to Washington to lobby Congress during the last ten days in April. Led by a group of radio talk-show hosts from across America, their listeners will demand secure borders and workplace enforcement of existing immigration laws before considering any widespread attempt to legalize those illegally in the country.


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