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Churchill dropped from schools’ syllabus

LONDON — Britain’s World War II Prime Minister Winston Churchill has been cut from a list of key historical figures recommended for teaching in English secondary schools, a government agency said yesterday.

The radical overhaul of the school curriculum for 11- to 14-year-olds is designed to bring secondary education up to date and allow teachers more flexibility in the subjects they teach, the government said.

But although Adolf Hitler, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Josef Stalin and Martin Luther King have also been dropped from the detailed guidance accompanying the curriculum, Churchill’s exclusion is likely to leave traditionalists aghast.


Protestant Orangemen march peacefully

DUBLIN — Tens of thousands of Protestant hard-liners marched without trouble through Belfast and other Northern Ireland cities and towns yesterday in an annual event that used to involve conflict with Catholics but now shows the effects of a succeeding peace process.

The Orange Order marches each July 12 — an official holiday in Northern Ireland called simply “The Twelfth” — in commemoration of a 1690 victory by the forces of a Protestant king, William of Orange, over the Catholic he ousted from the English throne, James II. Catholics have long loathed the parades and said they were designed to intimidate them.

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