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There were many more flaws that could have been corrected if there had been a full and open debate, yet the leadership refused to allow a number of its colleagues to be heard. This is not the way a democratic government should operate, and the American people let their representatives know how they felt.

While the Senate failed to enact their immigration reform, the people won. They demanded that a sensible and fair approach should be taken, with border and workplace enforcement first.


San Diego


The Senate vote against illegal-alien amnesty on Thursday was a great victory for the American people, national sovereignty and the rule of law (“Immigration bill quashed,”). What a pity, though, that citizens had to crash the congressional phone system to get the attention of the arrogant clique of senators.

The worse pity is that the president remains too stubborn even now to grasp that the people want their borders secured and their immigration laws enforced.

Furthermore, the Constitution requires that the government protect the nation from invasion. And when 10 million to 20 million citizens of a hostile foreign power (Mexico) have entered unlawfully, the invader characterization is not overstated — particularly so when 58 percent of Mexicans believe the U.S. Southwest belongs to them (according to a 2002 Zogby poll).

The symptoms of the nation being torn apart are everywhere, from increasing numbers of ethnic college graduation ceremonies to the growing prevalence of “Press one for English.” America is in serious danger of becoming culturally shattered by the excessive diversity inherent in unwise immigration policy.

Theodore Roosevelt warned that the one way to destroy the country “would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

It’s not too late to save America, but citizens who care must stand resolute against the elites with a different agenda.


Berkeley, Calif.


The defeat of the most recent immigration bill marked one of the few occasions when our elected representatives actually listened to those who elected them (“Immigration bill quashed,”). The American people knew this was bad legislation and that it would only add to the problems caused by illegal aliens. How could anything touched by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and constructed in secret actually result in anything good for America?

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