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Showing mug shots of illegal immigrants convicted of serious crimes, Mrs. Malkin says: “These crimes were 100 percent preventable. How many more criminal-alien rapists, kidnappers and murderers will be let loose before politicians finally act?”

The Web site asks volunteers to sign up for “a grass-roots campaign to pressure Washington to stop this insanity.”

Tax dollars at work

A commentator for National Public Radio has declared Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, “The Sexiest Woman in Politics.”

“I’m sorry, but chick fights are sexy,” NPR’s John Ridley wrote Wednesday at his blog on the federally subsidized network’s Web site (

“Ladies throwing down is just plain hot, and that’s true whether they’re drunk and tussling on the Vegas Strip or if they’re doing some verbal mud wrestling in the media. And the woman least afraid to get her li’l dukes up, and therefore currently the sexiest in politics, is Elizabeth Edwards.”

Praising Mrs. Edwards for recently calling into a television talk show to argue with conservative columnist Ann Coulter, Mr. Ridley suggested that Miss Coulter is a transsexual: “I’m never sure myself if Coulter is pre-op or post-op.”

NPR is run by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which receives $390 million annually from federal taxpayers.

At the Media Research Center’s blog,, Paul Detrick remarked of Mr. Ridley’s blog: “The blogosphere is full of opinions, but this one you’re paying for.”

Women’s issues’

Elizabeth Edwards might as well have been ‘Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus’ author John Gray when she rapped Hillary Clinton last week for supposedly falling short in her commitment to American women,” Courtney Martin writes in the New York Daily News.

“ ’I’m not convinced she’d be as good an advocate for women,’ she told the online magazine ‘Sometimes you feel you have to behave as a man and not talk about women’s issues.’

“Since when did intelligent feminists decide it was okay to reduce complex, political issues to smarmy self-help categorizations?” the writer asked.

“What are ‘women’s issues,’ anyway? It sounds like a term that my golf-playing, barbecuing uncle would use to refer to ‘that time of the month.’ I place it right up there with ‘private parts’ and ‘dude thing’ in terms of specificity and usefulness. But here we have a major political player, taking swings on her husband’s behalf, using the phrase as if it were actually legitimate.

“For years, politicians and pollsters have been artificially dividing our public life into female territory like health care, education and abortion and male terrain like, I guess, the economy, war and hunting. A woman — especially one as smart, savvy and successful as Elizabeth Edwards — should know better.”

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