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First, it certainly overstates the reach of evangelicals, who struggle like David versus Goliath to have any sway in a culture largely dominated by secular postmodernists in science, media, entertainment and academia.

Second, while science itself may be objective, individual scientists often harbor strong ideological prejudices that influence their studies, underlie their policy proposals and form a filter on the information they emphasize.

Third, science unfettered by theology, morality and public values is technological tyranny.

Despite the droning drumbeat of protests about ideology trumping science, the truth is that some ideologically driven scientists and their political friends would like simply to silence opposing voices. Richard John Neuhaus lamented this concerted modernist attack on faith as fomenting a “Naked Public Square” devoid of all religious participation and influence.

In the name of science, the First Amendment and the pursuit of truth, partisans on all sides of science policy issues should oppose vigilantly and decry such anti-religious prejudice and censorship. Now there’s a campaign for the new surgeon general.


Vice president for

government relations

Christian Medical Association

Washington office

Ashburn, Va.

Day-labor center needed

The editorial “No D.C. day-labor center” (Friday) presents an incomplete picture of the multicultural training and employment center planned for Ward 5.

The Ward 5 facility will not be a day-laborer site per se. Rather, the central mission of the center will be to provide comprehensive employment and training services to residents of the adjacent Ward 5 neighborhoods, such as Brentwood, Edgewood and Montana Terrace. These neighborhoods traditionally have high rates of unemployment, particularly among black males. A center that addresses the employment and training needs of this group is greatly needed.

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