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“Congress has already authorized the construction of 854 miles of border fencing and appropriated $1 billion to construct it, and it is reliably reported that less than 20 miles of such fencing have been completed,” the resolution says.

The resolution urges Congress to make it “a matter of the highest priority” to “complete the construction of the border fencing that has been authorized” and to secure the border using “every appropriate additional means, fully equipping and empowering the Border Patrol and using our National Guard and the U.S. military if necessary.”

It is rare for committee members to defy the RNC’s leadership and a sitting president of their own party. But the immigration resolution is merely “common sense,” said Maryland Republican Chairman James Pelura.

“Americans have made it clear that they want the borders secured, respect for the rule of law, and absolutely no amnesty,” Mr. Pelura said. “We can do better. We must do better.”