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“These monsters who like to call themselves physicians simply looked upon their profession as a good meal ticket while they exploited their patients. They have no understanding of the Hippocratic oath or the great tradition of medicine and philosophy in the Middle East from Maimonides to Avicenna,” Dr. Jasser said.

“As individuals are more educated and successful academically and economically, their narcissism also increases unless it is balanced with a humility from and to an all-compassionate God,” Dr. Jasser said.

A warning issued by the Homeland Security Department in 2005 said “counterterrorism analysts remain concerned that terrorist organizations may attempt to target U.S. medical infrastructure in order to cause immediate casualties and disrupt health care and emergency medical services.”

The bulletin recounted several incidents that year when men and women posed as health care officials, and Defense Department and CIA employees and attempted to conduct inspections at hospitals in Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit and New York.

Dr. Bilal Abdulla, who was arrested after crashing a flaming vehicle into Glasgow Airport, is said to have been “radicalized” while studying at the University of Baghdad. Professor Ahmed Ali told the Telegraph that Dr. Abdulla, the son of a prominent physician, was known as an extremist with possible links to the al Qaeda- led insurgency.

“He didn’t care about his studies. He only cared about the resistance,” Mr. Ali told the British paper. “Many times in the class he interrupted to talk about the mujahideen. I thought he was crazy. But we couldn’t do anything in 2003 and 2004 because the resistance was controlling everything, including the university.”