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“Just as abortion has become a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees, the treatment of abortion in ‘Knocked Up’ seems to be emerging as a litmus test for the politics of its viewers. At the National Review Web site, Kathryn Jean Lopez writes approvingly that ‘in “Knocked Up” abortion is presented as an option whose time has come and gone,’ while lefty blogger Ezra Klein sees ‘Knocked Up’ as ‘pro-choice in the most literal sense of the term.’ …

“As the mother of a 1-year-old daughter, I think I can say that if she turned up pregnant in her early 20s under exactly Alison’s circumstances [in ‘Knocked Up’] — single, barely acquainted with the father, financially dependent (she lives with her married sister), weeping miserably at her first sonogram — I would encourage her to at least consider the possibility of abortion. … I would certainly tell my beloved girl that, like most of my close female friends … I had an abortion myself around that age, and … it’s a decision I look back on now with neither anguish nor regret.”

Dana Stevens, writing on “The Politics of Shmashmortion,” Friday at