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Rudy Magallanes, a spokesman for Mr. Earle, said the prosecutor’s office was still reviewing the appeals court opinion and he had no immediate comment, the Associated Press reports.

At home in Carolina

Fred Thompson focused on conservative themes as he courted Republican loyalists in Columbia, S.C., yesterday. It was his initial visit to the first-in-the-South primary state since becoming a prospective presidential candidate.

“I don’t feel like I’ve left home,” Mr. Thompson said in his slow drawl, a day after raising money in Nashville.

Mr. Thompson, 64, an actor and former Tennessee senator, has no serious political organization in South Carolina. Yet, he was greeted enthusiastically by about 400 people at a lunchtime fundraiser for the state Republican Party, the Associated Press reports.

Mr. Thompson is expected to declare his candidacy next month.

Hillary’s pal

Guests at a high-dollar fundraiser for Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday were treated to cocktails, dinner and an hourlong business tutorial from billionaire Warren Buffett.

Mr. Buffett, the founder of the Omaha, Neb.-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and one of the world’s richest men, co-hosted the New York City fundraiser, which brought in at least $1 million for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential effort.

Mr. Buffett, a Democrat, has not formally endorsed Mrs. Clinton, but guests at the dinner said he called the New York senator “the person to run the country.”

He is also expected to host an event for rival Democrat Sen. Barack Obama later this summer and has spoken favorably about the presidential prospects of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently left the Republican Party to become an independent.

Mr. Buffett joined Mrs. Clinton onstage after the fundraiser to field questions from attendees about his views on American competitiveness, smart investing, education and even the global nuclear threat, the Associated Press reports.

Party crasher

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will add party crashing to his campaign tactics this weekend.

The Texas congressman, who has struggled to top 1 percent in national polls, wasn’t invited to a forum of presidential candidates Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa. The gathering is sponsored by the Iowa Christian Alliance and the watchdog group Iowans for Tax Relief.

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