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Convicted teacher fired after sentencing

The Frederick County school board has fired a sixth-grade teacher who wrote threatening notes to five students, a day after a judge sentenced her to nine months in jail.

The board voted Wednesday night to terminate Michelle J. Dohm, 42, from her job teaching social studies at Thurmont Middle School.

Dohm, a 20-year employee of county schools, had been suspended without pay since fall 2005. Jamie Cannon, an attorney for the school system, said the board can no longer employ Dohm because the conviction voids her teaching certification.

Dohm was convicted by a judge in April of sending letters that threatened death by explosives.

Although she agreed to a statement of facts that included handwriting analysis and a microscopic comparison of fibers in postage stamps, she has maintained her innocence.


Mom says story of sparkler not true

The mother of a 9-year-old Chester boy who received serious burns on his hands and legs when a sparkler set his clothes on fire said an older boy shoved the sparkler into her son’s pants.

The state Fire Marshal’s Office said Wednesday that Amanda Bell’s son, Austin Fisher, put the lit sparkler in his pants himself.

Miss Bell said her 8-year-old son was there and helped his brother put out the fire.

Austin’s mother said he suffered third-degree burns to his legs and second-degree burns to his hands. He was flown to the Johns Hopkins Burn Center in Baltimore, where he was scheduled for surgery yesterday.

Miss Bell said investigators did not interview her sons and relied on bad information from neighborhood children.

Deputy State Fire Marshal W. Faron Taylor said if new information is appreciably different from the initial information, then they will follow it through.

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