Sutton pitches patience

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And if those building blocks of pitchers ever asked Sutton, with 324 major league victories for the Dodgers, Astros, Brewers, Athletics and Angels on his resume, for help, would he offer it?

“I would probably say how much time do you have, and is it OK with Randy [St. Claire],” Sutton said. “Randy is the pitching coach, and I honor and respect titles. It’s his job. If Randy said to me, ‘Chad Cordero wants to work on a curve ball, you busy?’ I would say, ‘What time?’ There were people who gave me time in my career, from Carl Erskine to Sandy Koufax to Don Drysdale. I have plenty of time, and I lost over 250 ballgames, so I should have learned something, too.”

One thing he might have never learned is to listen to people who predict failure, which might make him the perfect television presence for the Washington Nationals this year.

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