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Metcalf and Rudolph have until April 1 to submit a formal application to the NCAA. The NCAA’s Postseason Football Licensing Subcommittee would then review all applications and make a decision within a month.

If approved, the bowl would be one of the few not located in an area that can boast warm December temperatures. But Metcalf said cold weather bowls aren’t unprecedented, citing the New Mexico Bowl in Albuquerque, where the average high temperature in December is below 50 degrees.

NCAA spokeswoman Dana Thomas said she was not aware of the committee plan for the District. She said there is no rule forbidding a bowl from being played in cold weather, but that it might be one factor taken into consideration when the subcommittee makes its decisions. The NCAA receives applications for new bowls occasionally and has been known to make additions. It did not receive any new applications for the 2007-08 bowl season, when 32 bowls are scheduled.

Metcalf acknowledged RFK Stadium is unlikely to be the bowl’s permanent host facility, considering it could be demolished as soon as 2009 after the Nationals and D.C. United move into their own new stadiums.

Evans and other city officials have suggested replacing RFK with a new retractable-roof football stadium to accommodate the Washington Redskins. Such a new facility also could accommodate the bowl game, Evans said.