Bush welcomes Gore to Oval Office

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Meanwhile, Mr. Bush has been battered in his second term by problems in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, and then the mid-term elections of a year ago.

The two men last saw each other at President Ford’s funeral last January.

Mr. Gore has criticized the Bush administration for their energy policy, saying the president has allowed oil companies to dissuade the government from taking more dramatic steps to curb carbon emissions.

And the former vice-president’s 2007 book, Assault on Reason,” is in large part an anti-Bush screed.

Mr. Gore accuses Mr. Bush of “betraying” the American people by going to war in Iraq, and says the more than 3,000 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq died “unnecessarily.”

Mr. Gore also says the Bush administration has broken the law repeatedly by spying unlawfully on U.S. citizens.

The White House has also done some sniping. When asked about Mr. Gore’s Nobel prize, a spokesman said, “We’re sure the vice president is thrilled.”

However, former Gore adviser Donna Brazile told The Washington Times that the two men have buried the hatchet since their contentious campaign.

Honestly, I believe both men have moved on since 2000. As somone who has spoken with them, I believe they will let history be the judge, Ms. Brazile said.

Ms. Brazile had originally told ABC News that the meeting would be a very uncomfortable moment for both of them, but said she spoke with people close to both Mr. Bush and Mr. Gore who told her differently.

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