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Bergmann’s offensive woes perhaps cost him a win Tuesday night, and his continued struggles leave Acta having to reconsider sending him to the plate in those situations again.

“It doesn’t help him at all,” Acta said. “That’s the difference sometimes between staying longer in a game or getting taken out of a game. The way it goes right now, if the situation rises again, if we need the runs, he’s probably going to have to come out of the game even if his pitch count is low.”

Just another example of a seemingly little thing haunting the Nationals.

“Things are just going bad for us right now,” Harris said. “I don’t know why. I don’t understand it. I’m sure these guys feel the same way. I thought we played a good game tonight. We just didn’t win. We can point and break down a lot of things why we didn’t win it. But I mean, we didn’t win.”