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For his part, Howard’s Bailey promised that paying customers a week from Saturday will see “a great game, a great band, great dance teams. … The energy level at our games is incredible.”

Everybody on the premises expressed a desire for the schools to play regularly, possibly in an annual opener, though it may be a year or three before the respective schedules can be adjusted. And, Kelly noted, the NCAA has tacked an extra week onto its playoffs, reducing the number of open dates for all schools.

Neither the Bison nor Hoyas figure to be in playoff contention anytime soon, but stranger things have happened. Like two D.C. football teams finally getting together on the same field after a century or so.

“It’s the beginning of a nice partnership,” said Datcher, once an assistant to former Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson Jr. and later an associate AD on the Hilltop. “These are the only I-AA football schools in the District, and it’s time for it.”

Amen brother.