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“And I think that’s perfectly reasonable. We’ll just wait until 2011 to give them the money, then,” she wrote dryly at her Atlantic blog.

“If you know why that’s stupid, then you know why the other argument is stupid, too. GM is losing money now. It needs to cut its labor costs (and its other costs) now, not in 2011. This seems so elementary to me that I cannot even believe we are arguing about it,” she concludes.


Martin Peretz is not one to mince words. A recent entry at his New Republic blog the Spine has the title “If You Trust The U.N. on Anything You’re a Fool” and the opening sentence: “The United Nations cannot be trusted even on procedural matters.”

The occasion was the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the chairmen of the various informal regional groupings were scheduled to give commemorative speeches. But everything at the United Nations finds a way to be about a certain small Middle Eastern country.

“Israel happened to be the rotating chairman of the representation called ‘Western European and other.’ As such, its ambassador to the U.N., [Gabriela] Shalev, was designated to give the address. Uh, uh. [U.N. General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto] Brockmann said no. Not the lady from that state. Europe dug in its heels,” Mr. Peretz writes, linking to a Haaretz article noting that Mr. Brockmann responded by adding Arab and Third World speakers to the agenda.

Mr. Peretz began the item, though, by noting the company being kept by Mr. Brockmann, Nicaragua’s foreign minister and a former Sandinista-regime official. “He has attached to himself a special panel of ‘senior advisers,’ among whom are Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark and Richard A. Falk, the latter being an enthusiast of the theory that America was behind the 9/11 atrocity at the Pentagon and World Trade Center. Falk … also has a special appointment at the U.N. Human Rights Council. Guess what is his portfolio. Yes, you got it. Israel and the Palestinians. Israel is guilty of 99 war crimes. Why not a hundred? one asks. Well, maybe Falk didn’t want to overreach.”

“I hope [nominee for U.S. ambassador] Susan Rice is ready for these shenanigans,” Mr. Peretz wrote.


Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan told the state Supreme Court that Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich “is incapable of serving” and that the court should suspend his powers or remove him from office, citing a law designed to deal with debilitating illness or incapacity (think Woodrow Wilson, circa 1919-20).

But with the Illinois Legislature having the ability (and apparently a strong inclination) to impeach the Democratic governor and a criminal indictment not fitting the ordinary definition of a disability or incapacity, conservative bloggers suspect something smelled wrong in Miss Madigan’s insistence to the Illinois court that time was of the essence.

Jim Hoft, the self-styled Gateway Pundit, suggests the notoriously corrupt Chicago machine trying to cover its tracks.

“There was the obvious reason that Madigan wants Rod gone. It’s simple - Madigan is hoping to stop the dominoes from falling. But, this is Chicago, after all, and there is always more layers to the mess.”

Mr. Hoft then goes on to quote Chicago Tribune reporter John Kass, who said in an appearance on Fox News that Chicago politicians “don’t want a Blogojevich impeachment hearing, which basically would allow Blagojevich to talk about all of the deals they’ve done.”

Forget it Jake, it’s Chi-Town.

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