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First round: 38

Second round: 12

Third round: 8

Fourth round: 4

Fifth round: 2

Sixth round: 0

Seventh round: 2

Undrafted: 10 (!)

Two of the players who were passed over in the draft, Steelers linebacker James Harrison and Chargers tight end Antonio Gates, came out of Kent State. (Gates played basketball in college, not football.) If I were a general manager, I’d assign a scout to just hang around the Kent State campus and keep his ears open. Who knows? There might be a gymnast or platform diver - or maybe even a football player - who has Pro Bowl potential.

cA year after the Patriots scored an astounding 589 points, only one of their of offensive starters got elected to the Pro Bowl (receiver Wes Welker, the Pats’ version of Dustin Pedroia). The explanation you keep hearing is that New England’s offense dropped off after Tom Brady got hurt - and that’s certainly true.

But the last time I checked, the Patriots were still putting up 25 points a game, second in the AFC. And since they turned Matt Cassel loose, they’ve hung 41 on the Broncos, 48 on the Dolphins and 49 on the Raiders. Somebody else from the unit should have joined Welker on the Pro Bowl roster. (Guard Logan Mankins, maybe?)

And finally…

cOne of these days, the NFL is going to call the fullback position what it really is: the blocking back spot. The Redskins’ Mike Sellers, who has been cracking helmets for nine seasons, richly deserves his Pro Bowl selection, but come on, the man has 18 touches this year (six carries, 12 catches). He’s a 270-pound pulling guard who lines up in the backfield.

And is Clinton Portis ever glad he does.