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In the holiday spirit, Minnesotans for Global Warming released a video that made the rounds of conservative sites last week: “The 12 Days of Global Warming,” only instead of “my true love,” the gifts, or booby prizes actually, come from former Vice President Al Gore.

The four-minute clip, also available at, illustrates the song with a battery of still photos that change with every verse. Some of the lyrics don’t quite match the syllable and stress patterns, but the singers find ways to make them work.

The first four gifts are: “Four dollar gas / Three failed automakers / Two melting ice caps / and a fear-mongering documentary.”

Conservative parody II

After giving due “apologies to Clement [Clarke] Moore,” the author of “Account of a Visit From St. Nicholas,” Dan Riehl of the Riehl World View used his poem, better known as “The Night Before Christmas,” as the skeleton for an account of the series of Washington bailouts.

RTWT (“read the whole thing” in Webspeak), but here’s how it begins:

“Twas the night before bailout in the House and the Senate / Not a dollar existed, Bush had already spent it / The gavels were set by their podiums with care / In hopes that Obama would soon be there / Taxpayers were restless, they clung to their wallets / While visions of tax hikes formed gas in their gullets; / And mamma in her work clothes and I on my blog / were just settling in for a harsh winter’s slog.”

Conservative parody III

Liberal sites have been all over the revelation that Chip Saltsman, a candidate for Republican National Committee chairman, sent RNC members a 41-track CD of Rush Limbaugh parody songs, one of which is called “Barack the Magic Negro.”

Typical was a post by Dee Perez Scott at her Daily Kos diary, heavy with exclamation points and all-capital-letter words, in which she writes:

“The Excuse the Racist Limbaugh, Saltsman and the RNC provide are, ‘Oh we were just kidding! It was just a Parody!’ One thing is very Clear! Limbaugh and the RNC recipients who laughed at this deplorable excuse for humor are, without a doubt, Racist for doing this! This would be similar to sending out a CD with ‘Nazi Ovens were Fun!’ or ‘Japanese Internment Camps provide Enjoyable Summers!’ or ‘The Trail of Tears is good Camping!’ More Fun Parodies! The Republican National Committee Just Does Not Get It!! They have Yet to Refute Limbaugh for his Racist Tactics!!

The Huffington Post trotted out Peter Yarrow, who co-wrote the song “Puff, the Magic Dragon” to call the parody of his song by conservative humorist Paul Shanklin “not only offensive” but “shocking and saddening in the extreme. It flies in the face of America’s deeply held hope for a new era in which common ground and mutual respect characterize the exchanges between our national leaders.”

The Economist blog Democracy in America said the flap means that “the Republican chairmanship race pits two black candidates against a guy who once belonged to a whites-only country club and a guy who laughs at songs about ‘magic negroes.’ Oh, and two other white guys.”

Still, in a separate post, Democracy in America noted the irony in the whole flap was that the parody was not ridiculing Mr. Obama, but “a black, gay liberal writer named David Ehrenstein.

“More than a year ago he informed readers of the Los Angeles Times that Mr. Obama was the latest ‘magic negro’ that promised them some kind of racial get-out-of-jail-free card, or one of those disinfecting showers you take after handling radioactive material. ‘If he were real,’ wrote Mr Ehrenstein, ‘white America couldn’t project all its fantasies of curative black benevolence on him.’ That’s Paul Shanklin was making with his parody. (On his site, the song is titled ‘David Ehrenstein’s Barack the Magic Negro.’)”

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