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The archbishop’s public comments brought swift condemnation from Anglican leadership, lay followers and the British community at large and strong language from Prime Minister Gordon Brown to the effect that Britain will never accept Shariah over British law. Though Anglican outrage condemns Islamic law as incompatible with Western moral and legal codes, the prime minister should take note that Britain is well along in the process of submitting to Islamic law. Tell-tale signs over recent weeks include:

n Polygamy is now permissible although it contradicts established British law.

n The words “Islamic,” “Muslim” and related terms are not to be used in the United Kingdom to refer to terrorists or acts of terrorism conducted by persons and groups that identify themselves as Muslims and explicitly act in furtherance of an Islamic agenda. Furthermore, the term “anti-Islamic activity” has been declared by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith as the only acceptable term allowed by government officials to describe these same persons and groups.

n There are areas in the United Kingdom where Islamic enclaves exist and ever-expanding Muslim control has become a de facto reality on the ground in accordance with the Islamic Doctrine of Sacred Space. (Once land becomes Muslim land, it can never become anything else.)

n The leadership of many major Muslim organizations in the United Kingdom is known to be close to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is openly hostile toward democratic systems and whose creed and the current written/spoken doctrine of its leaders supports the infiltration of Western governments in order to replace their systems of government with Shariah.

This leaves one wondering if anyone in the leadership of the United Kingdom has read Islamic law. Legal systems are intended to be monopolies where they exist. Where some Islamic law exists, it all exists. Shariah does exist, is practiced around the world and does not permit “partial implementation.” Having opened the door to Islamic law, Mr. Brown is initiating a slow process of submission of his people and government to the requirements of Islam. Islamic law is unequivocal in its requirement to bring Islam to the world, peacefully if possible, but by force jihad if necessary. Islamic law defines jihad against non-Muslims as “warfare to establish the religion.” There is no other definition of jihad in Islamic law. Does Archbishop Williams know this? Does the prime minister know this? For that matter, does anyone in the U.S. government know this?


Woodbridge, Va.