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Astronauts take risky spacewalk

CAPE CANAVERAL — The space station’s two American astronauts went out on a riskier-than-usual spacewalk yesterday to fix one of two equipment failures that had crippled their power system and threatened to stall construction at the orbiting outpost.

Commander Peggy Whitson and Daniel Tani replaced a motor needed to tilt a solar wing toward the sun, taking extra precautions to avoid being shocked. Once the new motor was hooked up, electricity began flowing through the unit and provided a power boost.

Flight controllers tested the motor via ground commands, and everything checked out so well that NASA declared the operation a success.

Yesterday’s seven-hour spacewalk was especially hazardous because of the risk of electrical shock.


Judge rejects doctor’s guilty plea

CAMBRIDGE — A Brazilian doctor charged with manslaughter in an immigrant’s liposuction death tried to plead guilty yesterday, but the judge instead set the case for trial after the doctor contradicted prosecutors.

Luiz Carlos Ribeiro appeared in Superior Court to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter in a case that exposed an underground cosmetic-surgery network used by Brazilian immigrants.

Prosecutors were giving a standard recitation of the facts that they could have proved at trial when Dr. Ribeiro, 51, told the judge that he didn’t agree with many of them, insisting that he had a sterile surgical area and the proper resuscitation equipment when he performed the fat-removal surgery on Fabiola DePaula in the basement of a suburban condominium in July 2006.

Miss DePaula, a 24-year-old Brazilian immigrant, died of complications from the surgery, including pulmonary fat emboli, or fat particles in the lungs.


Saturn V rocket restored for display

HUNTSVILLE — Konrad Dannenberg helped build the Saturn V rockets that sent men to the moon, yet he is still amazed that workers could move one of the behemoths indoors and make it look new after more than three decades of decay.

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