- The Washington Times - Monday, July 14, 2008

Alex Rodriguez and Madonna are “just friends,” as the characterization is loosely defined among the representatives of the incredibly wealthy and famous.

Cynthia, A-Rod’s estranged wife, has hired two lawyers to calculate the cost of being “just friends” with Madonna.

Sports Illustrated has estimated that A-Rod will earn approximately $445 million over the course of his baseball career. That is not counting his commercial endorsements, vast real estate holdings and a Gulfstream jet worth more than $30 million. He and Cynthia have two daughters who will be considered in the financial fallout as well.

Three is always a crowd in a marriage, four if you count Madonna’s kabbalah group.

And Cynthia believes A-Rod has succumbed to the influence of the esoteric philosophy.

That makes A-Rod both a cad and a victim.

He apparently is unable to resist temptation and not just the charms of a vixen of a certain age.

A-Rod has a history with strippers and a former Playboy pin-up.

His record of indiscretions is destined to be used against the prenuptial agreement that he and his wife signed in 2002.

Money cannot buy Cynthia marital bliss, but it is a nice consolation prize.

A-Rod follows a long list of well-known athletes with wandering eyes.

That pastime wound up costing Michael Jordan $168 million in his divorce from Juanita.

Who knows what the final cost will be to Travis Henry, the running back with nine children by nine women?

Trying to be the father of our country is not cheap. The cost of diapers alone is significant.

Being committed to spreading the seed of joy takes an emotional toll, as Shawn Kemp discovered. He found solace in drug and drink after siring seven children by six women. Not surprisingly, this proved detrimental to his NBA career.

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