- The Washington Times - Monday, July 14, 2008


Sometimes I find the juxtaposition or concurrence of editorial material in the Times to be thematic and subtly provocative. I wonder if this is deliberate, planned or just serendipitous, to our benefit. Sunday morning, the question was triggered by the gist of the Commentary column “Real Lessons of Vietnam” by R.J. Rummel and Robert F. Turner. I fully agree that those lessons have yet to be understood and learned, and I especially agree with the last paragraph’s warning of the consequences to manifest impotence, fecklessness and sclerotic morality, and the concurrent column “Bush’s Just War” (Commentary, Sunday).

In the latter commentary Jeffrey T. Kuhner actually understates the necessity for responsible and therefore humble leadership that motivated President Bush to act in the pre-emptive removal of the dangerous, mendacious Saddam Hussein. The Times’ editors have given us the opportunity to benefit from their whole spread. Deliberately so?





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