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“The good points are that we are starting to put the ball in the back of the net, and we didn’t do that at the start of the season,” McTavish said. “The bad point is we are still letting goals in. It’s not as many as it was early in the season, but we are still having slip-ups. We are changing and starting to become a better team.”

- It’s almost impossible to be a soccer fan and not to have seen the mind-numbing Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial starring Ben Olsen.

“I’m willing to give them the money back they paid me for the commercial if they would stop playing it,” Olsen said.

The woman Olsen kisses in the ad is his wife, Megan.

“She would not allow me to kiss another woman, so she plays the part,” Olsen said.

The child in the ad is not theirs. However, Olsen’s wife is expecting the couple’s first child.

“I wish they would stop playing it because it’s ruining my soccer watching because every time it comes on I get into a bad mood and turn the TV off,” Olsen added.