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My entire childhood is passing before my eyes.


The owner of Newcastle United in England’s Premier League is going to make his players buy their uniforms next season. It’s just the latest cost-cutting measure by billionaire Mike Ashley, who assumed a debt of about $135 million when he purchased the club.

Beyond that, though, “Mike wants to make a point,” a source told the Telegraph of London. “He’s fed up at seeing guys [making] 80K a week doing nothing and laying on the treatment table every week. Yes, he’s trying to [trim the budget], but he also wants to take some players down a peg or two. He has a real bee in his bonnet about this.”


And finally …

Wonder if the NFL owners will try something like that should they have an uncapped year in 2010.

Imagine Peyton Manning surfing the Web, looking for a good price on his own jersey.

Picture Clinton Portis walking into a Redskins Store and being denied an employee discount.

(And raising such a fuss that one of his alter egos, Sheriff Gonna Getcha, had to be summoned to escort him to the exit.)