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The agency responded by pledging the “full assistance” of its El Paso field office and coordinating a meeting with the Chihuahua state police in El Paso “to recover the kidnapped victim.”

Mr. Reyes’ office had no comment Thursday when asked about the matter. ICE officials also declined to comment and said the investigation is continuing.

According to the memo, ICE agents ultimately enlisted the help of Mexican state and federal law enforcement officials in Mrs. Posselt’s return, but limited their role to providing their Mexican counterparts with what the memo described as “technical and logistical assistance.”

One of the first officials ICE contacted “to coordinate efforts to recover Ms. Posselt” was Patricia Gonzalez, the attorney general in Chihuahua, the state where Juarez is located. That contact was followed by meetings in El Paso between ICE officials and Chihuahua state police.

The ICE memo, sent to Homeland Security Assistant Secretary Julie L. Myers, who heads ICE, said the agency’s technical operations division in Washington was contacted to help coordinate support.

After her release, Mrs. Posselt was interviewed at the ICE field office in El Paso by ICE agents and Mexican prosecutors, the memo said, and “Mexican officials are pursuing leads relating to the possible location where Mrs. Posselt was held.”

Juarez has been overrun by violence as powerful drug cartels battle federal and state law enforcement officials, and one another, for control of lucrative smuggling corridors into the United States. Hundreds of killings have been reported since 2006.

Over the past 15 years, more than 400 women have been killed in Juarez, their bodies dumped into ditches or vacant lots, and more than 4,000 have been reported missing. Few of the cases have been solved, and family members of the other victims don’t think their killers will be brought to justice.

The memo also noted that a $56,000 ransom for a separate kidnapping was being delivered while the money was taken to the drop spot for Mrs. Posselt’s release.