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Gourmands who favor duck liver delicacies can keep eating. A proposal to ban foie gras in Maryland is headed toward rejection.

A senator who sponsored the proposed ban said before its hearing yesterday that she is likely to withdraw or modify her bill after learning more about foie gras, which is French for “fatty liver” and is produced by force-feeding geese and ducks.

“It seemed like an excellent idea,” Sen. Joan Carter Conway, Baltimore Democrat, said of the bill she sponsored.

“It appears to me it’s a terrible practice. It’s a gruesome practice,” Mrs. Conway said of foie gras production. But, she went on, “I think the bill went a little far.”

More than a half-dozen states have considered foie gras bans, but only California has passed a ban into law, and it won’t take effect until 2012.

Foie gras is not produced in Maryland, but some restaurants serve it.

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