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“When you win four in a row, you get this sense that you’re on this buildup and you continue to build up and feel good about what you’re doing,” he said. “The workweek is a little bit easier and a little less stressful. The mistake is, if you continue on that track and miss out on some of the details you should take care of, you’ll get beat in a second. I don’t think we’ve got that distracted from the wins that we didn’t prepare well.

“We can see why we’re not winning, and what happens then, you probably examine it too much and get too introspective and that can be a mistake, too, because you can’t continue to push your players forward.”

Players said Zorn set the tone Wednesday with a clear message during the team meeting (It’s time to start winning again) and showing his normal enthusiasm during the walkthrough (high-fiving players).

“It’s not time to get down,” receiver Antwaan Randle El said. “Coach Z has that even keel - not too high or too low during the week and it’s the same for him within the game. It’s even keel but you always have a sense of urgency after a loss. We have [urgency], but you can overexaggerate it or get so down about it.”

Said special teams co-captain Rock Cartwright: “When you lose two straight, you’re more on edge and desperate for a win, but I think he’s handled things very well. He knows what’s at stake and what needs to happen.”

What needs to happen is for the offense to return to the form it showed in Weeks 2 through 5 and if it does, it will come at the expense of his former team. But Zorn said it shouldn’t be about him and Holmgren.

“I don’t want to show our team off to make me look good,” he said. “I want our team to go out and play well and for them to be elevated. I don’t have to be elevated.”