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Thus did the Redskins climb to 7-4 and keep pace with the Cowboys and Falcons in the Great Playoff Chase. With the Giants (here) and Ravens (there) next on the schedule, Washington’s two-game skid could easily have become a five-game freefall if it hadn’t found a way to win Sunday.

The victory came at a price, though. Portis, for instance, appeared even more banged-up than usual as he dissected the day’s events afterward. “I got blood running down both my legs, both my arms,” he said. “You sure I don’t got no black eye?”

Nope, no black eye. But a defeat at the hands of the last-place Seahawks certainly would have been one. The Redskins ducked that punch, though - barely. Now we’ll see, with the defending Super Bowl champs coming to town, how many more rounds they’ve got left in them.