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In a related assignment, Tapscott might want to implore Antawn Jamison to add 15 to 20 pounds of muscle, if only to be more physically capable against those who like the rough stuff.

Not that the two-time All-Star is allergic to contact. It is just that sometimes he is physically overmatched at power forward.

JaVale McGee, Nick Young, Dominic McGuire and Oleksiy Pecherov all need time to develop, and in Young’s case, it might behoove Tapscott to remove the blinders attached to Young’s head.

As Tapscott knows full well, blinders are for urban horses and not for a guard with four teammates on the floor.

Tapscott should explore the question of Andray Blatche’s work ethic as well. It is possible that everyone has it all wrong with Blatche. It is possible Blatche has a strong but misguided work ethic, which he exhibits on the city’s dance floors in the wee hours.

If so, Blatche should be informed that he probably is no Rod Strickland, the only player in franchise history able to dance and drink the night away before going to police lockup and then getting bail in time to drop 18 points and 11 assists on the opposition.

They do not make guards like Strickland anymore. He could find the open man with a blurry-eyed blood-alcohol content of 0.20, way over the legal driving limit, on and off the floor.

One last thing for Tapscott: He might pray for a return of good health, something the Wizards have not had the last 22 months.