- The Washington Times - Sunday, November 9, 2008

DeAngelo Hall, the newest Redskin, strikes me as the kind of guy who would donate millions to his alma mater for a new building …as long as it was named DeAngelo Hall.


Still, they’ll love Hall at RedskinsTV, chatterbox that he is. In fact, they might have to give him his own channel.


It’s hard to fault Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato for signing him. Granted, DeAngelo had his problems in Oakland, but lots of players have had problems in Oakland. Randy Moss had them - and the season after he was traded caught a record 23 touchdown passes for the Patriots. Kerry Collins, meanwhile, couldn’t win there - and now he’s the quarterback of the 8-0 Titans.

That’s not to say Hall will be the second coming of Darrell Green, but I’d be surprised if he wasn’t at least serviceable.


The kid, let’s not forget, hasn’t turned 25 yet - and already he has 20 interceptions. Consider: Rod Woodson (71 career INTs) had only eight picks before his 25th birthday. Ronnie Lott (63 total) had 13. Deion Sanders (53) had 14. Green (55) had just nine.

I haven’t had time to completely research it, but you might have to go back to Everson Walls in the early 1980s to find a cornerback who had more interceptions at such a young age. (Walls picked off 25 passes for the Cowboys before he turned 25 in December 1984.)

And as turnover starved as the Redskins are …


The Patriots also pursued Hall, but Bill Belichick refused to divulge details. “I’ll just comment on the players we have,” he said.

Don’t tell me the man doesn’t have a sense of humor, though. “When asked if he had any past relationship with Hall,” Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe wrote in his blog, “Belichick noted they had been at the Pro Bowl simultaneously, but on different teams.

“‘I think we might have been in the pool together,’ Belichick said.”


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