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Living in Washington, thousands of miles away, made it impossible to monitor the project every day, he said. Stevens relied on Allen to oversee the renovations, he said, and his friend deceived him by not forwarding all the bills.

Mrs. Stevens testified that she had written checks, totaling about $160,000, to pay for the renovations.

Jury deliberations, which began Wednesday, were not without drama.

Judge Sullivan on Sunday dismissed a female juror from the trial because she had not been in contact with the court since Friday. The juror flew to California after the death of her father.

Judge Sullivan said the court had not heard from her since she left town, and he Sullivan appointed an alternate juror to join the deliberations Monday morning.

The incident was the second time that problems arose with the jury. On Thursday, 11 of the jurors voted to expel a woman listed by the court as Juror No. 9. The foreman accused her of “violent outbursts” and being uncooperative. Judge Sullivan declined to dismiss the woman but called the jurors back to court to counsel them on the importance of cooperating.