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Of course, they also knew where they didn’t want to lead the program either. Much of it ties into the flighty nature of experience; sure, it’s nice to have, but it does little good if not utilized properly.

The experience of the Terps’ veterans undoubtedly taught them the distinct difference between cornerstone players and Cornerstone players - and how they could steer teammates into the former category.

“We can actually lead off the field because guys actually listen to us,” senior tackle Dane Randolph said. “We get the young guys to go with us. They might be too young to get in some places, and we’ll go somewhere else then. We’re usually hanging out with the younger guys - unlike before, when we were all by ourselves.”

Holdovers from the 2005 team are acutely aware of how things have changed since then, as well as their responsibility for ensuring history does not repeat. With a Thursday night meeting with Virginia Tech looming, they see no way their teammates will jeopardize a potentially special season with an appearance in downtown College Park on Friday night.

“I don’t foresee that,” Williams said. “Let me know [if you do].”

Added Oquendo: “That kind of thing won’t ever happen again. We have different types of people on this team … We have a curfew and everyone’s going to respect that.

“I didn’t even realize it was Halloween. We’re focused on V-Tech.”