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Clearly, Friedgen found a more rapt audience this week after an unfathomable loss featuring meltdowns of nearly every kind imaginable. And his admitted frustration stems not just from a single abysmal game, but the constant need to revisit a basic concept.

After all, that was the point of his late-camp ploy. And while perfection - what right tackle Dane Randolph described as the highest form of consistency - might not be possible, an increase in stability and a severe cutback in mistakes could give the Terps a different look.

“That was his way of getting us to say ourselves that we need to work on consistency,” Randolph said. “It was really apparent. Since then, he’s said ‘You told me yourselves.’”

No doubt Friedgen said it plenty this week leading into a game that could prove a lot about the Terps, regardless of the outcome.

“I think it’s time we start showing people who we are,” Friedgen said. “… Just looking at what we’ve done in two games, I think we have to go out and show people we’re a pretty good football team.”

At least they can be - depending on the day.