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Yet politicians and government employees tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton, all who admittedly hadn’t seen the film, took to the airwaves to demand it not be aired or be radically edited, with only days to go before its premiere.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, Rep. Louise M. Slaughter and even former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, who was convicted of destroying top-secret national security documents, demanded that Disney cut the movie to their liking or pull it from the air, within days of its anticipated airing.

Political hacks gleefully declared victory over free speech. Hollywood stood silent as the political class demanded blatant censorship.

Because the Clinton political family didn’t like one scene in one movie - one that accurately portrayed that the Clinton administration had chances to take out Osama bin Laden - ABC and Disney folded to the pressure and, as a result, the film will likely never be seen on network television again, nor will it ever make its way to the lucrative DVD market - the modern equivalent of taking it off the library shelf.

Even $2 million movies make their way to the marketplace - let alone $40 million controversial ones that already have been seen by millions.

“It’s censorship in the most blatant way,” left-wing filmmaker Oliver Stone said. “I’m not vouching for its accuracy - it’s a dramatization - but it’s an important work and needs to be seen.”

“Blocking the Path to 9/11” is a devastating documentary directed by former talk-show host John Ziegler that shows exactly how censorship works in America. As long as it is supported by Democratic politicians and by liberal Hollywood players, censorship is a useful tool to stifle dissent.

Mr. Ziegler’s documentary is a cautionary tale on how the mainstream media play a crucial role in supporting Democratic causes and how liberal blogs bolster the media and Hollywood’s leftward attack. No film better illuminates how censorship is operative in modern America and is utilized by the very people who demand absolute creative freedom.

If you can’t find “The Path to 9/11” or the documentary that spells out the crime of its suppression, perhaps you should look out for Matt Damon’s latest project, “The People Speak,” featuring “dramatic live readings” from America-bashing usual suspects Danny Glover and Eddie Vedder, and honoring Howard Zinn, the celebrity left’s favorite revisionist historian and the Marxist professor who inspired the Robin William’s character in “Good Will Hunting.”

Maybe Sarah Palin can give it a look on the campaign trail and understand why a beautiful and accomplished woman from Alaska poses such a threat to Hollywood and the Democratic Party - and why so many people in heartland America are rooting for her to win.

Andrew Breitbart is the founder of the news Web site and is co-author of “Hollywood Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon - the Case Against Celebrity.”